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    My sister in the south of Chile. We are sitting at home next to the fireplace in our southern lake house when it suddenly began to pour uncontrollably. Had to rush into the lake to take this snapshot! - Camila Massu/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

    i will never go without reblogging this. You’re a wonderful photographer! ^

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    I remember how my ex used to do that when she was sad, she sat on my lap and wrapped her legs around my waist and just kept kissing my neck softly and slowly and i stroked her back for like 2 hours without saying anything and that’s all and i really fucking miss her.

    The caption hurts me in the heart bit

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  • NinjaCast: Scooters, Fighting, and Nike


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    Awh he looks so pleased with himself

    OmG 😍😭

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